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“S03E17: / - Interesting name for the episode. I wonder what Slash from GnR / VR would say about it. - Great episode! I think Amy Acker had much more airtime in this ep. than any before. Since I’m a big AA fan, I’m always glad to see more of her in anything, and I really like this program, even if it is on the network that won’t participate in our fun here at GG/TT. Maybe there will be an ep. that gives my other fav, Sarah Shahi, as much airtime. - After seeing Jim Caviezel in Frequency (2000) I never would have thought him to be the right actor to play John Reese. After seeing him in other movies, his character in this program seemed to be a perfect fit. Had Frequency not been one of the first movies in a high I recall seeing Caviezel, I would now have a hard time picturing the actor who plays the soft-spoken but hard-hitting Mr. Reese to play the scared, yet determined son of the firefighter (played by Dennis Quade) in Frequency. That just shows me how diverse he can be.”

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